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Busy Spiral Digital with Color Saturation by MelianMarionette Busy Spiral Digital with Color Saturation :iconmelianmarionette:MelianMarionette 30 16 Busy Spiral Traditional by MelianMarionette Busy Spiral Traditional :iconmelianmarionette:MelianMarionette 11 13 Magic Braids traditionally colored by MelianMarionette Magic Braids traditionally colored :iconmelianmarionette:MelianMarionette 12 26 Yinyang Cloth Effect by MelianMarionette Yinyang Cloth Effect :iconmelianmarionette:MelianMarionette 12 5 Yinyang1 by MelianMarionette Yinyang1 :iconmelianmarionette:MelianMarionette 9 0 Oopsie Doodle II 31 March 2017 by MelianMarionette Oopsie Doodle II 31 March 2017 :iconmelianmarionette:MelianMarionette 13 0 Oopsie Doodle 31 March 2017 by MelianMarionette Oopsie Doodle 31 March 2017 :iconmelianmarionette:MelianMarionette 17 12 Melian emot5 by MelianMarionette Melian emot5 :iconmelianmarionette:MelianMarionette 9 14 Melian emot4 by MelianMarionette Melian emot4 :iconmelianmarionette:MelianMarionette 10 1 Melian emot3 by MelianMarionette Melian emot3 :iconmelianmarionette:MelianMarionette 10 0 Melian emot2 by MelianMarionette Melian emot2 :iconmelianmarionette:MelianMarionette 9 0 Melian emot1 by MelianMarionette Melian emot1 :iconmelianmarionette:MelianMarionette 10 7
I Do Not Need A Net Nanny
Please to the following types of people:
-Social Justice Warriors
-Fanatical Christians
-Morally Superior
I do not want a net nanny to filter or censor the content or subject matter of my art or writing on the internet.  I do not care if my opinions and words offend you or upset you.  You do not have to read my writing or view my art.  You are free to ignore me, block me, report me to site moderators, leave the forum/website, or turn off your computer/phone.  
Do not police my content. It is not your job to do that and I do not care.  It is a waste of your time and mine.    
I do not believe in filtering content to protect the weak sensibilities of the emotionally vulnerable or some victim group that is being marginalized. If a person is that unstable that my imagery or words can cause them personal harm, they should not be on the internet in the first place.  
I do not care if you don't like my morals and eth
:iconmelianmarionette:MelianMarionette 9 15
Please No Righteous Outrage
Please stop with the self righteous EMO crap about how my writing and jokes trigger you and cause panic attacks.
I am unmoved by your outrage. I will write what I want to write.  
Ignore me and don't read my shit and all will be just dandy sunshine and rainbows.
-diseases (such as AIDS, or heart failure, ebola)
-natural disasters
-gang violence
-the end of the world
-plane crashes
-diarrhea (hee hee)
-seriel killers (some great Jeffrey Dalmer jokes out there)
-phobias (oh phobias can really be funny but really aren't funny are they, but funny)  
-studying and tests
-bad professors
-the cost of gasoline
-being fat (oh no, fat shaming oh gods no.  Fat is funny.  I heard a good one about a fat guy on the elevator.)
-sex (sex can be very funny)
-child birth
-birth defects
-deformaties, disabilities
-short people
-ugly people (oh shit, there
:iconmelianmarionette:MelianMarionette 7 0
Hearts Made Of Flowers by MelianMarionette Hearts Made Of Flowers :iconmelianmarionette:MelianMarionette 21 12 Dream Selfy2 by MelianMarionette Dream Selfy2 :iconmelianmarionette:MelianMarionette 13 12



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The Fools of Amarilion…

MistGod Stamp by The-Angry-Lemon Melian's DA Forum Survival GuideI am hosting an effort to create a DA Forum community survival guide. The tips will be consolidated here in Melian's DA Forum Survival Guide!
The first thing I must do, before returning to the forums each day, is to read my journal post on Reasons Why I Should Not Be in the DA Forum, which I will then ignore because I still want to go back to the forums. That is because I love attention and chatting too much!
From the Lord's Prayer "Lord forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us." That means forgiving the little things that are annoying, the differences in opinion, and getting in each other's way.  We are humans and it can be trying to live in the same spaces as other humans.  We have to learn to take a deep breath, and to forgive as Jesus taught us with the Lord's p


Yao Ren Mao
ririchiyo_muni H DxD Koneko booty bounce gif version Avatar by fetishgirl0602

Raspberry GIF
Adorable wink

Cute Asian Dancer……

Happy Hardcore………

My Message to Meanies(EDIT: The following applies to persons being unreasonably mean to others or to me, in my opinion.)  
Why are you so mean?
If I started the drama between us, shame on me for starting it. If you are just being mean and nasty to me for no justifiable reason, then read the bullet points below please and have a nice life:
I think karma eventually takes care of all of your meanies. Eventually what goes around, comes around. So I will simply ignore you from now on, as if you never existed, and let nature take its course.
You probably do not know Mistgod and I enough to make an informed judgment about us, as you are likely an ignorant stranger. We have hundreds of friends and family, who have truly known us for many years. They all love us and think we are amazing, so your puny opinion is vastly insignificant and teensy tiny compared to theirs. You are probably mean for a reason, like you have major emotional issues to work out. I hope you find a good therapist and get help to get r
Solo Character Adventure Game Update and IndexOkay so it looks like the results are in and my watchers (who are my "players") have chosen a female elf as our character for the adventure game. That means she gets an extra craft point at the beginning of the game! Oh I should have mentioned that characters all start with a base Strength of 2 and Craft of 2, so she would have a craft of 3 to start.
Before we choose which class she will be, let's determine her hair color and eye color. Let's assume that elves in this world can have any hair and eye color. Let's also assume she is very pretty and has a nice figure, I mean c'mon of course she does! Let's also assume her hair will be at least shoulder length, which she can put up in braids or whatever if she wants to.
If you missed it, the first journal entry below talks about the simple mechanics of our game that we are going to play. Don't worry, it will be simple for my watchers. All you will be doing, in order to play
Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-06 (Kawaii Dance) [V1] by

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Kyrary pamu pamu…

CHIBI Justin Stamp by Gneiss-chert Miral Fan by Gneiss-chert SDS Stamp by Gneiss-chert The Everwhite Angel Novel Stamp by Gneiss-chert



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MelianMarionette's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Melian Word Art first half by MelianMarionette Melian Word Art last half by MelianMarionette Swirls And Hearts Lines by MelianMarionette

:iconpinksparklyheartplz: :iconsparklesplz:

Hello! My name is Melian Marionette! I am an art muse and an imaginary persona portrayed by Mistgod. At least, that is what he wants me to tell you!

Some people hear voices. Some see invisible people. Others have no imagination whatsoever.

The Book of Melian by MelianMarionette Melian's Thoughtform Profile
Thoughtform Type: Living Imagination Dreamform

Name: Melian Elizabeth Isabelle Devine  (a.k.a. Melian Marionette)
Melian's first name was borrowed from a character in J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle Earth.  The original Melian was an angelic being that took the form of an enchantingly beautiful elf woman with powerful magic.  One of Melian's middle names is borrowed from my wife's middle name.  In fact Melian and my wife share the same initials.  Melian's other middle name is borrowed from a character in Brian Harmon's Rushed Series.  The original Isabelle is a young teen girl trapped in an inter-dimensional world and speaks telepathically with the main character, Eric.  The last name is her host's surname.
On the internet, Melian goes by "Melian Marionette."  The name Marionette is symbolic of her status as a role playing character (channeled persona).  A marionette is a beautiful puppet worked from above by an act
Melian Dolly 8 by MelianMarionette Melian is not a child.Mistgod:
My imaginary muse character, Melian, is not a child.
I realize that most of my watchers already understand that Melian is not a child in my mind but a grown young woman with an innocent kawaii face. But, I am always concerned that new people just meeting her or visiting her page will make that fundamental misinterpretation, that she is a child character. It happens now and then and it is an understandable mistake. My bigger concern is that occasionally someone will make negative false assumptions about me, Mistgod, based upon that misinterpretation of Melian. I am probably too nervous about that, but Melian and I have tried to counter those with some journals giving more background information. I thought I would make one more and put it on her profile widget. Hopefully people will pay attention. If Melian gets a visitor who s
About the Melian Doll!          
I have no idea why, but right now Deviantart is absolutely refusing to do updates on my deviations. So I can't add this to the artist comments on the new pictures of the doll we found today. But this is what we wanted to show you. Isn't it uncanny? It's me! We found me in an antique porcelain doll!
So Mistgod and I did some quick research about the Melian Dolly. She is a 1984 Mary Lake-Thompson Balos porcelain doll named "Abigail," 23 inches high with a satin dress. Some of the dolls had colored embroidery on the apron and others d
Why Is My Username MelianMarionette?Today I changed my user name from MelianOfMist to MelianMarionette. Okay first I will feature some pretty marionette related deviations I found! Go visit the galleries of the artists after you read this. I think marionettes are beautiful!

Why Melian Marionette?
1. Marionettes are a form of puppet performance controlled by a person hidden from sight. I am performed or portrayed (we call it "channeled") by Mistgod. The term "marionette" reflects my nature as a product of active imagination, a living imagination thoughtform. I am never fully independent of my "puppet master" (Mistogd), though I sure come close sometimes

Link to the Ask Melian Anything Forum Thread…

What should the name of our character be? Poll CLOSED, name chosen was Ieda, Lady of Masks! 

13 deviants said Ieda Lady of Masks. She has some form of disguise ability. It might allow her to evade monsters in certain situations or bluff her way past guardians and things like that!
10 deviants said Eclipse! She is the "master of rogues." I am not sure what "master of rogues" means yet. LOL
6 deviants said Kira Silverblade, cause it is a pretty name. She may start the game with a silver dagger!

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Abigail by MelianMarionette   Melian Dolly 2 by MelianMarionette   Jody's Melian Painting DeviantID by MelianMarionette   Melian Pose Purple Stockings with Name by MelianMarionette   Melian Commission by MelianMarionette  
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